Cala del Tango Beach in Javea

Cala del Tango or Tango beach is a rocky cove located at the far end of the Javea port, at the base of Cape San Antonio. The pebble beach originally stretched across 50m, however due to a change in land formation, barely any of the old beach remains. Furthermore, the cove is currently closed to the public due to the potential of rock slides from the cliffs above.

What to do at Tango Beach?

There are no beach amenities located at Tango, so if you were to visit the cove, it wouldn’t be to play beach volleyball! In truth, Tango is now no more than the bones of the beach that it once was. However, Cala Tango does still have one trick up its sleeve, as it is also known for its rock jumping! Slightly further down from the remnants of the old cove are a selection of plateaus on the cliff face, all at varying heights. This makes it perfect for any would-be thrill-seekers to test their resolve and take the plunge into the crystal clear waters below! 

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Video Cala del Tango Beach

Top Tips for Cala del Tango

BE CAREFUL – This beach in Javea has been closed to the public for bathing since 2014 and for good reason. The weather beaten cliffs overlooking the cove, are covered in both loose and completely detached rock, meaning there is potential for a rock slide at any given time. If you do decide to visit the beach, please do so with caution.

TAKE THE LEAP – I can say that from personal experience, although the jump does in fact appear intimidating, looking down into the Med. The feeling gained from a successful cliff jump is truly exhilarating and one that I would strongly recommend. Once again however, do proceed with caution!

How to get to Cala del Tango

Cala Tango is located just under 3.5km NorthWest of the Arenal Beach, at the far end of the Javea Port. To get there from the Blanca Cars office one must… 

Head southwest on the ‘Avenida Arenal’ and take the 1st exit on the roundabout joining ‘Ctra. del Cap de la Nau Pla’, then take the 2nd exit on the following roundabout and continue straight. At the next roundabout, you will once again take the 2nd exit and follow the road until you reach the next roundabout, where you will take the 1st exit joining ‘C. Milan’. At the roundabout at the end of the road take the 1st exit turning right, then at the following roundabout take the 2nd exit, heading North on the ‘Av de Augusta’. At the next roundabout take the 1st exit joining ‘Av dels Furs’, and continue until you reach the next roundabout where you will take the 3rd exit and the following 1st exit at the next roundabout.

At the end of this round turn left and follow the round as it bends round to the right and become ‘Pl. Adolfo Suarez’. The road name will change once again to the ‘Puerto de Javea’, following this round all the way to the parking at the end, where you will have reached your destination. 

Directions to Cala del Tango

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