Supermarkets open on Sundays in Javea

Javea, a gem on Spain’s Costa Blanca, is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and Mediterranean charm but also for its vibrant local life, which includes a range of supermarkets catering to diverse needs. For those who need to do their shopping on a Sunday, whether for a last-minute dinner ingredient or weekly groceries, here’s a guide to supermarkets in Javea that are open on Sundays.

There are several Sunday open supermarkets in Javea. In this guide we mention the biggest supermarkets in Javea Arenal, Javea port and Javea old town. Be aware that that their opening hours can change, always check their websites if they are open. During the high season in summer months also the big national supermarkets in Javea like Mercadona, Mas y Mas, Lidl, Iceland, and Aldi is open on Sundays.

Sunday open supermarkets in Javea Arenal

Carrefour Express in Javea Arenal

Carrefour Express, located in the bustling Arenal area, is a convenient stop for a quick and efficient shopping experience. This supermarket, managed by Gunvirder Singh Kaur, is located at Avenida de la Libertad, 4, 03730 Jávea, and is known for its wide selection of both local and international products, it’s perfect for tourists and residents alike. Open on Sundays, it offers fresh produce, baked goods, and a range of daily essentials.

Their commitment to choice and savings is evident through their various promotions available throughout the year. The store also participates in the Club Carrefour program, offering exclusive benefits like ChequeAhorro returns and special financing options. Additionally, Carrefour Express supports digital conveniences like e-receipts and provides an extensive online shopping platform with home delivery and Click & Collect services.

Quick Save in Javea Arenal

Quick Save is another gem in Javea Arenal, ideal for those looking for budget-friendly options without compromising on quality. This British supermarket is known for its excellent deals on groceries, household items, and more. The friendly staff and well-organized aisles make shopping here a breeze even on a busy Sunday.

Chihiro Supermercado in Javea Arenal

For those who love Asian cuisine, Chihiro Supermercado is a must-visit. This unique supermarket in Javea Arenal offers a variety of Asian food items, from Japanese sushi ingredients to Thai spices. Open on Sundays, it’s perfect for picking up exotic ingredients for a special meal.

Located at Calle Niza 70, Playa Arenal, Javea, this supermarket is known for its variety of Asian food items, including Japanese sushi ingredients, Thai spices, ramen, and other Oriental-style noodles. They also provide a selection of condiments, teas, sauces, and traditional Asian cooking utensils. Chihiro Supermercado has become a popular destination for those looking to explore or recreate Asian cuisine. For more information or inquiries, they can be contacted at 965 508 339.

Saladar Supermarket in Tosalet in Javea

Located in the serene Tosalet area, Saladar Supermarket is known for its fresh local produce and an excellent selection of wines and cheeses. This store is ideal for those looking to prepare a special Sunday meal with the finest ingredients. The supermarket’s cozy atmosphere adds to a pleasant shopping experience.

They also offer specialized categories like Bio-Eco-Vegan products, highlighting their commitment to diverse dietary needs and preferences. Saladar Supermarket’s website showcases their product range and offers additional information about their offerings and services.

Sunday open supermarkets in Javea Port

SUMA Supermarket in Javea Port

SUMA Supermarket, situated in the heart of Javea Port, offers a delightful shopping experience with its variety of fresh, high-quality products. Open on Sundays, it caters to both quick grocery runs and more extensive shopping needs, boasting a range of local and imported goods.

SUMA supermarkets are generally known for their wide range of products, including fresh produce, bakery items, meat, dairy, and pantry staples. They often focus on quality and value, providing a convenient and accessible shopping experience for both locals and tourists.

SuperCOR in Javea Port

SuperCOR, also located in Javea Port, is known for its extended hours, making it a reliable choice for late-night or early-morning shopping. This supermarket offers a wide range of products, including freshly baked bread, deli items, and more, ensuring a comprehensive shopping experience even on a Sunday.

SuperCor in Javea is a supermarket offering a wide variety of products, including fresh and refrigerated foods, beverages, personal hygiene products, household items, and pet supplies. They are committed to providing quality and a broad selection of brands at competitive prices. SuperCor emphasizes customer service, sustainability, and social commitment. They accept El Corte Inglés card payments and are continuously working on improving their sustainability policies and social commitments.

Sunday open supermarkets in Javea Old Town

La Ermita in Montgo Area

Nestled in the picturesque Montgo area, La Ermita is a favorite among locals for its friendly service and excellent selection of organic products. From fresh fruits and vegetables to health-conscious food items, this supermarket is perfect for those looking for healthy options on a Sunday. La Ermita supermarket has also their own Cafe area and serves lovely coffee and food.

La Ermita Local Market in Javea is a neighborhood supermarket dedicated to offering the finest quality products available. They focus on customer care, aiming to create a sense of togetherness through their delicious food. The market prides itself on its selection of quality ingredients, catering to the needs and preferences of its customers.