Cala Blanca Beach in Javea

Cala Blanca, also known as ‘La Caleta’ is a collection of neighbouring, rocky beaches, which can be found at the far end of the ‘Playa del Segon Muntanyar’. The size of the beach is undetermined due to the fact that it wraps around the high cliff walls, revealing multiple private inlets, perfect for a quiet day in the sun!

What To Do at Cala Blanca beach

Unlike many of the other beaches in Javea, Cala Blanca doesn’t offer kayaking or paddle board tours from the beach itself, presumably due to the rocky nature of the sea floor. This does however make it a popular spot for local fisherman, who often try their luck amongst the large schools of fish. Always worth a watch to inspect the day’s catch! As a consequence of the rocky terrain, Cala Blanca isn’t best suited to beach sports such as volleyball or football, but perhaps is more appropriate for sun bathing and general relaxation! Cala Blanca is the perfect beach for diving and snorkeling.

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Top Tips for Cala Blanca beach

BRING APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR – Some form of footwear is a must at Cala Blanca. Flip flops are ok, however a cheap pair of rock shoes from one of the many local Bazaars would be ideal in helping you to really make the most of the beach’s rocky surface.

BRING SOMETHING TO EAT – With the closest restaurant being just over 0.5km from the beach, which is definitely walkable, we would still recommend bringing a packed lunch for your own convenience. Walking across the rocks can be tiring as you need to pay close attention to your next step. Therefore any unnecessary trips that can be avoided… should be!

EXPLORE A LITTLE – If you are comfortable crossing the rocks, try following them as they continue round the corner of the beach, as there are some hidden spots that are usually a little more private!

How to get to Cala Blanca beach?

Cala Blanca is located just under 2km southeast of the Arenal beach. To get there from the Blanca Cars office one must… 

Head NorthEast on the ‘Avenida Arenal’ and take the 1st exit on the roundabout joining ‘Avenida de la Libertad’, follow the road until you reach the next roundabout where you will take the second exit and continue straight. ‘Avenida de la Libertad’ turns slightly right and becomes ‘Av. de Ultramar’, after approximately 750m, take a slight left to stay on ‘Av. de Ultramar’ and follow the road. Towards the end of the road, keep an eye out for car parking spaces as you have arrived!  

Directions to Cala Beach from Javea

Cale Blanca area in Javea

Cala Blanca area in Javea is around a 15 minute south of the Arenal, a small cove within an area where there are several apartment blocks. View all properties for sale in Cala Blanca in Javea

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