Portitxol Beach Javea

Cala Portitxol or Portitxol beach, also known as Cala de la Barraca or Barraca Beach, is a beautiful pebble beach, stretching approximately 900 meters with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Isla del Portitxol. The cove is bordered either side by the cliffs of Cap Negre and Cap Prim, only adding to the picturesque landscape.

Portichol area in Javea

Portichol area in Javea is a established area that overlooks the sea, recently some spectacular frontline luxury villas have been built here. View all properties for sale in Portichol in Javea

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What to do at Cala Portitxol Beach?

Similar to the other beaches in Javea, there are tour companies that offer kayak, paddleboard and scuba excursions from the beach, allowing you to further explore the neighbouring coves and the Isla del Potitxol. The Isla del Portitxol is a small island roughly 80,000+m², situated a few hundred meters off of the shore. The island is rich in flora, fauna and historical significance, due to the discovery of important archaeological remains from Roman times.

Furthermore, for all you social media influencers out there, there is one particular blue door, belonging to one of the buildings on the beach, that has become renowned on Instagram for it’s boho chic design, so be sure to take a quick snap! If you get hungry, be sure to try the food at ‘Bar la Barraca’, boasting marvelous views of the beach… a perfect way to enjoy your lunch!

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Top Tips for Cala Portitxol Beach

ARRIVE EARLY – Although the beach itself stretches almost a kilometer, the parking is limited and as a result, in the heights of summer, a barrier manned with a security guard controls access to Barraca depending on the availability of parking spaces. For this reason we would strongly advise arriving and ‘setting up camp’ early!

BRING FLIP FLOPS OR ROCK SHOES – Cala Portitxol is a pebble and gravel beach, meaning it can be uncomfortable to walk on, barefoot, for a prolonged time. Consequently, bringing some water-friendly footwear might be a smart option… that is, unless you’re planning to sunbathe all day! On the plus side, I’ve found ‘rock-stacking’ to be a rather relaxing activity!

How to get to Cala Portitxol Beach?

Cala de la Barraca is located towards the southeast of Javea, just under 6km by road from the Arenal beach. To get there from the Blanca Cars office one must…

Head northeast on the ‘Avenida Arenal’ and take the 1st exit on the roundabout joining ‘Avenida de la Libertad’, follow the road until you reach the next roundabout where you will take the second exit and continue straight. Follow the round until you reach the end and turn left to join the ‘Ctra. del Portitxol’. Follow the road until you reach Restaurant Manzo, where you should turn right up the ‘Carrer Mitja Lluna’. Once at the top, turn right to rejoin ‘Ctra. del Portitxol’ and follow the road for 1km as it weaves around the hillside. At which point you should turn left and join ‘Carrer de la Barraca’ (signposted). This road will then wind all the way down to the parking area at ‘Cala Portitxol/Cala de la Barraca’!

Directions to Cala Portitxol Beach from Javea

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