Nudist beach in Javea

Cala Ambolo is the only nudist beach in Javea. Stretching out approximately 300 m and covered from all sides by large cliff faces, Cala Ambolo is the perfect beach to lay back, relax and let it all hang out! 

This beach is exactly that… a beach! There are no rental services available for watersports, such as kayaking and paddle board rental. Furthermore, there is no umbrella or sun bed rental available either. Perhaps this is due to the beach’s more ‘natural’ approach to relaxation! There is a viewpoint located above the beach, called ‘Mirador Ambolo’, with spectacular, panoramic views of the coastline and ocean. You will not regret the short drive from the beach to get there, I assure you!

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Top Tips nudist beach in Javea

FOOTWEAR IS KEY – Although Ambolo is a nudist beach, wearing some form of footwear is still advised, as walking on the uneven surface for a prolonged time could prove to be rather uncomfortable. A positive from the rocky terrain however, will mean no sand getting in your unmentionables!

EMBRACE THE CUSTOM – This beach offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature, in a way that would most definitely be frowned upon on other beaches! So make the most of your time in Javea and Ambolo… unbutton and hang loose!

BRING A PICNIC – As previously mentioned, there are no beach services available at Cala Ambolo, and this includes restaurants and bars. So be sure to bring some food and drink with you, so you’ll have no reason to leave early!

ENJOY THE VIEW – I would strongly suggest making the short journey up to the ‘Mirador’ (viewpoint), supplying magnificent views of the surrounding areas. You can take this a step further, by following the steep stairs on the other side of the viewpoint, down towards the sea. Here you will discover a separate, quiet inlet, that not many know of. It’s beautifully secluded amongst the high cliffs, a real hidden gem of Javea!

How to get to Javea nudist beach

Cala Ambolo is one of the most southerly points of Javea, approximately 7.5km from the Arenal beach. To get there from the Blanca Cars office one must…

Head southwest on the ‘Avenida Arenal’ and take the 3rd exit on the roundabout joining ‘Ctra. del Cap de la Nau Pla’, then take the 3rd exit on the following roundabout and continue straight. At the end of the road there will be another roundabout, you will once again take the 3rd exit and follow the road until you reach the 4th roundabout, where you will take the first exit.

Follow ‘Carr. de la Guardia’ all the way up the hill as the road name changes to ‘Carrer del Trencall’. At the end of the road turn right and join the ‘Carrer Cabo la Nao’ and follow the road for just over 1.5km, at which point you will see a roundabout to your right hand side. Enter the roundabout and take the first exit joining ‘C. Igor Stravinsky’. Follow the road and take the first right, joining ‘C. Giuseppe Verde’. Continue to the end of the road where you will turn right to join ‘C. Richard Wagner’, at the end of the road, you will have reached the parking area for your destination!

Directions from Javea Arenal to the nudist beach in Javea

Ambolo area in Javea

Ambolo area in Javea is a beach area in Balcon Al Mar with villas perched on cliffs with fantastic sea views. View properties for sale in Cala Ambolo area in Javea

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Javea nudist beach details

Name of Beach:El Ambolo
Also Known As:Playa del Ambolo
Type of Area:Semi Urban
Coastal Type:Cliff
Length:150 Meters
Width:15 Meters
Nudity Allowed:Official
Beach Type:Gravel / Sand
Blue Flag:No
Protected Area:No
Access:by Foot / Boat
Disabled Access:No
Nearest Highway:Cabo de la Nao
DMS Latitude:38° 43’ 49.1673” N
DMS Longitude:0° 13’ 4.5296” E