La Cala Sardinera Beach in Javea

La Cala Sardinera beach or Sardine Bay, is a 200m long, beautifully picturesque bay, situated on the north face of ‘Cap Prim’. The bay’s name originates from the large number of sardines that would gather and be caught by fishermen in these waters, in years gone by. There are many buoys off the shoreline of the beach, meaning in summer it can very quickly become one of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals to drop their anchors and settle in for the day!

What To Do at La Cala Sardinera Beach

Cala Sardinera is normally one of the more quiet beaches in Javea, making it ideal for a day of pure relaxation. Lay down your towel, sit back and take in the magnificent views of ‘Mt. Montgo’ and ‘Cap de Sant Antoni’, the most iconic landmarks of Javea. If lounging under the blazing Spanish sun isn’t for you, then perhaps a walk up and along ‘Cap de Sant Marti’ may be more to your liking. Once at the top, it boasts striking views of the Javean coastline and beyond!

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Top Tips for La Cala Sardinera Beach

FOOTWEAR IS VITAL – Similar to many of the other beaches in Javea, ‘Cala Sardinera’ is a pebble beach, but to get to the beach you will be required to follow the walking trail down from the road above. As a result, some form of sturdy footwear is a must  to avoid twisted and stubbed toes!

BRING FOOD – The walk from the road/parking area to the beach takes approximately 15 minutes, so once there, you won’t want to be leaving in a hurry! There are no beach services available at ‘Cala Sardinera’, such as restaurants and bars. So be sure to bring some food and drink with you. You will thank us later!

TAKE IN THE VIEW AND EXPLORE – The short journey up to the top of ‘Cap de Sant Marti’, through the wild bushes and scattered forestry is definitely worth it. For the view, once at the top, is one you won’t forget!

How to get to La Cala Sardinera Beach

‘Cala Sardinera is located just over 4km southeast of the Arenal Beach. To get there from the Blanca Cars office one must…

Head northeast on the ‘Avenida Arenal’ and take the 1st exit on the roundabout joining ‘Avenida de la Libertad’, follow the road until you reach the next roundabout where you will take the second exit and continue straight. Follow the road around to the right as it becomes ‘Av. de la Libertat’ and continue straight until you reach the end and turn left to join the ‘Ctra. del Portitxol’.

Follow the road as it weaves back and forth for just over 2km until you see a large stone cross on your left hand side, known as the ‘Creu del Portitxol’. At which point, look for a suitable parking space, as the rest of the journey will be on foot! Pass the cross and follow the walking path down and to the left. Follow the path indicated on the painted rocks and you will arrive at the beach in no time!

Directions to get to La Cala Sardinera Beach

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