Things to do with kids in Javea

Visiting Javea with kids and looking for things to do to keep them active? On a city visit, you want to balance culture, museums and highlights with a good peppering of fun and interest for the little ones. Everything you need to know about things to do with kids in Javea.

Nothing could be worse than spending all that money and having your children moaning about how boring everything is! Is Javea child-friendly? The answer is YES! `Javea is an incredibly family-friendly city! In this article, we will list our top things to do with kids in Javea, free activities, nighttime activities, dining options, museums, and things to do with teenagers.

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Top activities for kids in Javea

There are so many things to do with kids in Javea that you might not have enough time for all of them. That’s why we’ve given you our top list of things to do which includes tours, food recommendations, free things to do, and other attractions.