Visit Bodegas Xaló

Bodegas Xaló, located in the heart of Spain’s Marina Alta region, is a winery that personifies the rich winemaking history and culture of the area. Nestled within the verdant Jalon Valley (or Vall de Pop, as it’s locally known), Bodegas Xaló has been creating impressive wines since 1962. Let’s delve into the story of this exceptional bodega and its contributions to the viticultural landscape of the region.

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History of Bodegas Xaló

Bodegas Xaló was founded as a cooperative in 1962 by a group of winegrowers from the Marina Alta region. Their vision was to unify efforts to produce quality wines, highlighting the unique character and potential of local grape varieties. More than five decades later, Bodegas Xaló has earned a reputation as a prominent producer of wines, mistelas (a type of sweet wine), and vermouths in the region.

Winemaking at Bodegas Xaló

The winery is renowned for its mastery in producing wines from the Moscatel de Alexandria grape variety. This grape is native to the region and has been used for centuries to produce aromatic and sweet wines. Bodegas Xaló has honed its expertise over the years, crafting Moscatel wines that have gained both national and international recognition.

Apart from Moscatel, Bodegas Xaló also cultivates other grape varieties such as Giró (also known as Garnacha), Tempranillo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The bodega’s portfolio thus ranges from robust reds to crisp whites and delightful rosés, catering to diverse wine preferences.

Bodegas Xaló

Notable Wines

Bodegas Xaló’s selection of wines offers an excellent representation of the region’s wine profile. Some of the notable wines from this bodega include:

  1. Vall de Xaló: A range of young, fresh wines available in red, rosé, and white. These wines are fruit-forward, easy-drinking and ideal for casual enjoyment.
  2. Castell de Xaló: This range includes Reserva and Crianza red wines, notable for their ageing in oak barrels. The result is complex wines with rich tannins and layers of flavour.
  3. Bahía de Dénia: These are semi-sweet white wines made from Moscatel grapes. They are delicate, aromatic and a true reflection of the Moscatel de Alexandria’s potential.

Visiting Bodegas Xaló

Visiting Bodegas Xaló is an enlightening experience, offering insight into the region’s viticulture and the bodega’s winemaking processes. The winery welcomes visitors for guided tours, during which you can explore their vineyards, the winemaking facilities, and the ageing cellars.

The tour concludes with a tasting of their wines in the wine shop, where the beautiful aroma of oak barrels lingers in the air. Here, you can sample a variety of their wines, including their award-winning Moscatels. Their knowledgeable staff provide insights into each wine, enhancing the tasting experience.

Additionally, the wine shop offers all their products for sale, making it a perfect spot to pick up a bottle or two as a memento of your visit or as a gift.

How to get to Bodegas Xaló from Javea

Embarking on a journey from the coastal town of Javea to the charming Bodegas Xaló nestled within the Jalon Valley promises a scenic and enjoyable ride. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get there:

By Car:

Travelling by car is the most convenient way to reach Bodegas Xaló from Javea. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, covering a distance of about 18 km.

  1. Start your journey from the heart of Javea, heading west onto Carrer de Sant Antoni.
  2. Follow the CV-734, passing through the Montgó Natural Park. You will cross the beautiful towns of Gata de Gorgos and Pedreguer.
  3. At the roundabout just after Pedreguer, take the second exit and continue on CV-724.
  4. Drive for approximately 7 km until you reach the town of Jalon (also known as Xaló in Valencian).
  5. Once in Jalon, follow the signs leading to Bodegas Xaló. It’s located on the northern outskirts of the town at Ptda. Coloma, 6.

By Public Transport:

Public transportation is a viable option, although it involves a combination of bus and taxi rides and the journey duration is longer.

  1. From Javea, take the ALSA bus heading towards Benidorm. The bus station in Javea is located on Avenida del Pla.
  2. Get off at the bus stop in Benissa.
  3. From Benissa, take a taxi to Jalon, which is approximately a 10-minute ride.
  4. Once you reach Jalon, Bodegas Xaló is just a short taxi ride away.

Whether you choose to drive or use public transport, visiting Bodegas Xaló from Javea provides not only an opportunity to taste some remarkable wines but also enjoy the scenic beauty of the Marina Alta region.

Bodegas Xaló: A Testament to Tradition and Quality

In conclusion, Bodegas Xaló is more than just a winery. It’s a testament to the rich wine heritage of the Marina Alta region and a beacon of quality and tradition. Their commitment to showcasing local grape varieties, their dedication to quality, and their respect for traditional winemaking methods all contribute to their status as one of the region’s standout wine producers.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast, a curious traveller, or a lover of cultural experiences, a visit to Bodegas Xaló promises a delightful and memorable journey into the heart of the Marina Alta’s wine culture.