Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre

Tucked away in the beautiful Marina Alta region of Spain, Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre is a family-owned winery that stands as a testament to organic viticulture’s sustainable and innovative spirit. Combining traditional winemaking methods with modern ecological practices, this bodega showcases the best of both worlds, with the fruitful union evident in every bottle of wine they produce. Let’s delve into the captivating world of Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre.

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A Family Affair

Rooted in the quaint village of Jesús Pobre, the Les Freses winery was founded in 2004 by the Ferrer family. The family’s dedication to winemaking transcends generations, with their wine knowledge and passion passed down through the years. Today, the winery stands as a symbol of their love for the land, the grape, and the wine.

Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre

Organic Viticulture at its Best

Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre prides itself on its commitment to organic viticulture, a form of farming that respects the natural lifecycle of the vine and relies on ecological processes, biodiversity, and cycles adapted to local conditions. This approach means that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used in their vineyards, ensuring the production of wines that are free from harmful chemicals and additives.

Organic viticulture also prioritizes the preservation of the environment and the region’s biodiversity. The vineyards of Les Freses coexist harmoniously with olive and almond trees, creating a diverse ecosystem that encourages the proliferation of natural predators to keep pests at bay. It also enriches the soil, providing an optimal growing environment for the grapes.

A Love for Moscatel

Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre focuses on the Moscatel de Alexandria grape variety, an aromatic grape that has found its ideal home in the Marina Alta region. This grape variety, known for its sweet and floral characteristics, has been cultivated in the region for centuries, often used to produce sweet wines and mistelas. However, Les Freses demonstrates the versatility of the Moscatel grape, producing both sweet and dry wines that embody the variety’s vibrant character and the unique terroir of the region.

Noteworthy Wines

The winery produces several noteworthy wines under the D.O. Alicante designation. Their Moscatel Seco Les Freses is a dry white wine, which beautifully captures the aromatic intensity of the Moscatel grape. On the sweeter side, the Moscatel de la Marina stands out for its balanced sweetness and aromatic complexity. These wines reflect the winery’s dedication to quality, with each bottle offering a unique tasting experience.

Visiting Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre

The Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre is open to the public for guided tours. These tours offer a unique opportunity to explore their vineyards and winemaking facilities, allowing visitors to witness first-hand the processes involved in organic viticulture and winemaking. The tour concludes with a wine tasting, where visitors can taste the products of the winery’s labor while enjoying the picturesque views of the surrounding vineyards.

How to get to Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre from Javea

A trip from the stunning coastal town of Javea to the quaint Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre offers not only a destination but also a journey through beautiful Spanish landscapes. Here’s a guide on how to get there:

By Car:

The most straightforward way to get to Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre from Javea is by car. The journey takes approximately 20-25 minutes, covering a distance of about 15 kilometers.

  1. Begin from the center of Javea, heading south on Carretera Cabo La Nao Pla towards Avinguda del Pla/CV-740.
  2. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto CV-736.
  3. At the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on CV-736.
  4. Continue onto CV-738. You will pass by a few roundabouts. Ensure to follow signs for Jesús Pobre.
  5. Once you reach Jesús Pobre, turn left onto Carrer de la Ermita.
  6. Turn right onto Carrer del Barranquet.
  7. Take a slight left onto Camí de les Freses. The winery will be on your right.

By Public Transport:

While the public transport system isn’t as direct as driving, it is still possible to reach Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre using a combination of buses.

  1. From the bus station in Javea (located on Avenida del Pla), take the bus towards Denia.
  2. Get off at the stop for Ondara.
  3. From Ondara, take a bus towards Jesus Pobre.
  4. From the Jesus Pobre bus stop, the winery is about a 15-minute walk. Head south on Carrer dels Falcons towards Carrer de Dénia, turn left onto Carrer de Dénia, then turn right onto Camí de les Freses where you will find Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre.

Whether by car or public transport, the journey offers a scenic route through the Costa Blanca’s picturesque landscapes, leading you to Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre where you can explore the unique offerings of this organic winery.

Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre: An Epitome of Sustainability and Passion

Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre represents a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and respect for nature. Through their dedication to organic viticulture and quality winemaking, they produce wines that not only delight the palate but also preserve the environment for future generations. For any wine enthusiast or environmentally conscious traveler, a visit to Bodega Les Freses de Jesús Pobre offers a deeper understanding of sustainable viticulture and the enduring beauty of Marina Alta’s wine culture.