Blanca Cars Javea

Are you planning a trip to Alicante or Valencia Airport, and are looking for a good car rental company? Then Blanca Cars based in Javea Arenal can help you. Gone are the requirements for a credit card, deposit or deductible in the event of damage. Blanca Cars offers rental car with full coverage and everything included in the price, as well as English customer service.

Even in normal times, it can be difficult to decide which car rental company to use when traveling to Javea, because hidden costs can make it difficult to compare the offers offered. But during the pandemic, you must also consider hygiene measures, and how likely it is that you will receive a refund if your trip is canceled or interrupted.

Full insurance with no excess

The Consumer Council has conducted a survey which showed that in the last three years, around 50,000 have experienced being charged money from the car hire company without agreeing on the reason. In addition, a survey shows that every tenth client who rents a car does not inspect the car at pick-up or delivery.

This is an issue that Blanca Cars has really addressed in order for their customers to feel safe during their entire stay in Javea, but also that there should be no surprises afterwards when you have returned home. In the event of a traffic accident, you have full coverage with Blanca Cars as long as you have a completed damage report or a police report. Then there is no excess for damage. You can read more about their terms and conditions here.

No prepayment or cancellation fee

When you book a rental car with Blanca Cars, there is also no prepayment or cancellation fee. This means that you can safely book a rental car for your holiday in Javea without worrying about extra costs. When you arrive in Spain and have to pick up the car at the airport or have the car delivered to your door, you only bring the booking confirmation, show a valid driving licence and passport, and pay by debit or credit card.

Even if you have full insurance and may be tired after a long flight, you should go over the car with the car hire company when taking over, to see that the car is not damaged. Then you avoid being blamed for any damage caused by the previous client when you hand in the car. Make sure that any damage is specified in the contract. A good tip is to take photos and video of the car, so you can document the car’s condition when you picked it up.

Choice of type of rental car in Javea

According to Blanca Cars, the smallest rental cars are booked first, and this is because most people think that the smallest cars are the cheapest. What not many people know is that a medium-sized car can be as cheap as a small car. Remember that the whole family should sit well on the trip, and the luggage should also be carried without having to carry it in your lap.

Decide in advance what kind of car you need based on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage for the whole family.

Why book a rental car from Blanca Cars in Javea

  • Free door to door car hire delivery anywhere on the Costa Blanca North, and at Alicante and Valencia airports. Blanca Cars delivers and picks up the rental car wherever you are, your home, hotel or holiday home.
  • Rental car with everything included in the price and full coverage
  • No deposit or deductible in case of damage.
  • Free additional driver
  • Delivery of rental car 7 days a week.
  • No down payment or cancellation fee, you pay when you receive the rental car.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance. For your safety we include 24 hour telephone assistance for complete peace of mind.

Contact information Blanca Cars

Address: Av. Arenal, 1, Local C, 03730 Xàbia, Alicante

Phone: +34 653 221 333 (Whats-app)