Things to do in Javea when it rains.

Are you looking to make the most of your time in Javea – even when it’s raining?

Javea gets at least 310 days of sunshine each year. But when it rains, it pours. Especially if you’re visiting in spring or autumn during a gota fría storm you could find yourself stuck inside for a few days at a time.

But does that mean your trip to Javea has gone to waste?

Absolutely not! Javea has a few of its treasures onshore and under shelter. Below find 5 things to do in Javea when it rains.

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5 things to do in Javea when it rains

1. Museo Soler Blasco

The Soler Blasco Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum

Javea’s municipal museum is fascinating as much for the building it’s in as for the treasures inside.

The Museo Soler Blasco is found in the narrow streets of the old town of Javea. The building itself is known as the ‘House-Palace’ of Antoni Banyuls. This 16th century Javea local rose up the ranks to become royal butler to king Felipe II and retains original floor tiles as well as an expensive façade from carved tosca stones.

You can find Roman-era amphorae in the museum, as well as artefacts from Javea’s Iberian, Muslim and pre-modern eras.

One of the most exciting exhibits is a haul of 53 solid gold Roman coins discovered by two snorkelers off Portitxol Island in 2021. 

2. Cine Jayan

Cinema in Javea

Javea’s Cine Jayan is a stunning building with a surprising presentation of Spanish, new and international films. Even more surprising is that it’s a locally run cinema dating back to 1958 – a rarity in even many cities across the world.

Cine Jayan runs a selection of English-language films without dubbing and the website it also in English.

If you like films and like supporting local businesses, then Cine Jayan is a great way to spend your rainy day in Javea.


Cine Jayan

3. Art Galleries 

Javea was made famous in Spain by the master painter Joaquin Sorolla.

While it remains a small town, Javea has two spaces dedicated to rolling art exhibitions: Ca Lambert in the old town and Casa del Cable in the port. If you’re lucky you might catch a special exhibition about Sorolla or about the fashion designer Balenciaga who spent the last weeks of his life in Javea.

The German-Swiss painter André Lambert also lived in Javea and the Ca Lambert art space is named after him.

Aside from these municipal art spaces, there’s also the Recoleto art gallery and event space.

Check out the municipal website to see what’s currently on.


Art Xàbia (shows current exhibitions in Ca Lambert and the Casa del Cable)


4. Restaurants

Best restaurants in Javea

A rainy day can be a great excuse to try out the restaurants you might not otherwise visit in Javea.

Aside from exquisite seafood dishes using monkfish, crab, cuttlefish, red prawns, mullet, whiting, conger eel and sea bream caught from the Bahía de Javea you can also find a range of local cuisines in town like sourdough flatbreads (coca) and smoky roasted vegetables in olive oil (esgarraet).

There are also local wines from Moscatal grapes, including the sweet Mistela wines, as well semi-sweet and dry vintages.

5. Spa day

Pilates in Javea

What better excuse to visit a spa than a rainy day in Javea?

You can find a range of fully-equipped spa and massage venues in Javea, as well as yoga studios, pilates studios and massage therapists offering deep tissue, shiatsu and more.