Best places for rock climbing in Javea

Are you hoping for a day or two on the crags while on holiday in Javea?

Javea has 20km of Costa Blanca coastline including 28 coves, 9 large sea caves and 6 imposing headlands over 100m above sea level. Despite the huge potential for rock climbing in Javea there are only three equipped sites – and only one of those sites had its anchors rehabilitated in 2019.

You can find 80 routes in Javea on The Crag with difficulty levels between 4a to 8a+. But there’s no information on the rehabilitated routes.

Below, we’ll show you where to find 42 equipped routes on the Ambolo headland for rock climbing in Javea.

We’ll share links for further reading about rock climbing in Javea throughout this page.

Rock climbing in Javea – Ambolo

Where is Ambolo in Javea?

The Ambolo viewpoint is 115m above sea level and easily reached after a 15-minute car journey from the centre of Javea

Where are the rock climbing routes in Ambolo in Javea?

There are 42 equipped rock climbing routes around Ambolo, which were rehabilitated in 2019.

They are divided into 13 sectors:

  1. Sector Poca Gana 
  2. Sector Pardillos 
  3. Sector Voodoo 
  4. Sector Voodoo II 
  5. Espolón Lluvia de Mar V 
  6. Espolón Rosa de los Vientos 
  7. Sector Iniciación 
  8. Sector Quadrophenia 
  9. Sector Catharsis Somital 
  10. Sector Nefertiti 
  11. Sector Barumboyes 
  12. Sector Pedra de Canalobres 
  13. Sector Canalobres

You can find images and infographics about the climbing routes and their difficulty levels in this document (in English) from the Centre Excursionista Xàbia.

Who can climb the rock climbing routes in Ambolo in Javea?

The Centre Excursionista Xàbia offer the following guidelines:

  • Do not use the routes if you do not have experience – the installations are designed for trained and experienced climbers
  • Use a helmet
  • It’s recommended to register as a federated climber or possess and insurance policy

If you have little experience or lack equipment you can contact Xàbia Activa and go on a guided rock climbing day out in Javea

Bonuses to rock climbing in Ambolo in Javea

The eastern side of the Ambolo headland has one of Javea’s most stunning beaches: Cala Ambolo. The beach is actually a nudist beach but is open to everyone.

The western side of the Ambolo headland is an old fishing route called Cala les Pesqueres. It’s a fantastic spot for swimming and is right below many of the rock climbing routes in Ambolo in Javea. There’s also a sea cave called Cova del Llop Mari which is famous for having a beach inside the cave – and is a great spot for deep-water soloing.