Cheap covid tests in Javea

Looking to get a PCR or antigen test for COVID 19 (coronavirus)?

There are larger private hospitals in Denia and Teulada which offer online bookings & services (try the Hospital San Carlos Denia or the IMED in Teulada).

But if you want to find a Covid test in Javea you won’t need to leave the town. 

Covid antigen tests in Javea for under €2.94  

Spain’s government fixed the maximum price for rapid antigen tests for detecting COVID-19 at €2.94 back in January 2022. Pharmacies in Javea should have these tests in stock unless they’ve run out. 

You can also get an antigen test after 9pm when most pharmacies are shut in Javea by visiting the ‘Farmacia de Guardia’. Each night of the week a different pharmacy takes it in turn to be the Farmacia. Find out which one it is today by visiting:

Here’s a list of all the pharmacies in Javea:

PCR and antigen tests with a certificate in Javea

While rapid antigen tests are cheap and effective for detecting COVID-19, you cannot use them as proof for travelling or for time off work.

For this you’ll need a PCR or antigen test from a laboratory which can provide an official certificate.

You can get a covid test with a certificate from the Laboratorio Cholbi-Mulet in the port area of Javea: