Font Salada de Oliva

Located on the outskirts of Oliva, a picturesque coastal town in Valencia, Font Salada – or the Salt Fountain – offers a unique natural experience for both local residents and tourists. Known for its therapeutic waters, the pool presents a magical blend of relaxation, health benefits, and natural beauty.

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Discovering Font Salada de Oliva

Font Salada, also known as ‘Ullal del Burro,’ is a thermal pool situated near the Mediterranean coast. Characterized by its warm, saltwater composition, the pool’s temperature remains around 23-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year, making it a delightful bathing spot even in winter months.

The source of the pool is a natural spring, and the water contains high levels of mineral salts, giving it healing properties. It’s believed that these waters can help treat various skin conditions, adding a therapeutic dimension to your visit.

Font Salada de Oliva

Experiencing Font Salada de Oliva

The pool’s turquoise waters invite visitors for a rejuvenating dip, offering relaxation and tranquility amidst beautiful natural surroundings. It’s a great place for families, with shallow areas for children and deeper parts for adults.

The area around the pool is equipped with amenities for a perfect day out. There’s a picnic area for those who want to enjoy a meal in the open air, and a pathway for leisurely walks or cycling. At night, the area transforms into a romantic setting, with beautiful illumination highlighting the pool’s charm.

Beyond swimming and relaxation, the Font Salada is also a great starting point for exploring the local area, including the magnificent dunes and the unspoiled landscapes of the nearby Marjal de Pego-Oliva Natural Park.

Getting to Font Salada de Oliva

Font Salada is conveniently accessible, located just a few kilometers from the town of Oliva. The route offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and Valencia’s scenic landscapes, setting the tone for the soothing experience awaiting you at the thermal pool.

Safeguarding Font Salada’s Natural Charm

The preservation of Font Salada’s pristine condition is essential to maintain its appeal for future visitors. Respect for the environment, such as avoiding littering and causing noise disturbances, is encouraged to safeguard the tranquility and beauty of this natural site.

How to get to Font Salada`s from Javea

Starting from the beautiful coastal town of Javea, or Xàbia in Valencian, on Spain’s Costa Blanca, the journey to Font Salada near Oliva is quite straightforward and quick, promising a delightful excursion. Font Salada, also known as the “Salt Fountain,” is a natural thermal spring that boasts warm, salty waters which are perfect for a relaxing dip. Here is your guide on how to reach this healing water oasis:

Step 1: Starting from Javea

Embark on your journey heading south-west from Javea on the CV-734 road. Continue until you reach the town of Gata de Gorgos.

Step 2: Gata de Gorgos to Pedreguer

Once you arrive in Gata de Gorgos, follow the CV-734 to the nearby town of Pedreguer.

Step 3: Pedreguer to Ondara

From Pedreguer, take the CV-731 which will lead you to the town of Ondara.

Step 4: Ondara to Oliva

From Ondara, continue south on the AP-7 highway. Follow the AP-7 until you reach the exit for Oliva.

Step 5: Oliva to Font Salada

Once in Oliva, head towards the coast, following the signs for Font Salada. The spring is located a few kilometers south of the town, along the CV-678 road.

The entire journey from Javea to Font Salada should take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour by car, depending on traffic. A GPS or mapping service is recommended for precise directions. So, enjoy the scenic drive and look forward to a soothing dip in the thermal waters of Font Salada!


Font Salada de Oliva, with its unique healing waters and peaceful ambiance, provides a unique escape from everyday life. Whether you seek a therapeutic bath, a peaceful family outing, or the start of a nature exploration adventure, Font Salada offers an unforgettable experience. Discover the Salt Fountain and immerse yourself in the warmth and charm of this Valencian treasure.