Best natural pools you should visit in Valencia.

Valencia is a Mediterranean haven known for its vibrant culture, delightful cuisine, and stunning architecture. But nestled within this Spanish province are hidden natural gems that often go unnoticed – the natural pools. Each pool offers a unique experience, from tranquil retreats to adrenaline-fueled water adventures. Here are the 12 top natural pools you should visit in Valencia.

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1. El Azud – Well of Stairs – Tuéjar

El Azud in Tuéjar

This natural pool, located in Tuéjar, is a slice of paradise perfect for cooling off during hot summer days. Its crystalline waters tumble down rocky steps, creating the unique “Well of Stairs” formation from which the pool gets its name.

The Well of Stairs is an idyllic hideaway from the city’s hustle and bustle, a testament to Valencia’s untouched natural landscapes. The pool gets its unique name from the waterfall that cascades down a series of rocky, stair-like formations, creating an inviting, clear turquoise pool. Surrounded by lush vegetation and dramatic cliffs, El Azud’s setting is nothing short of a postcard picture. Read more about El Azud in Tuejar

2. Bugarra Fluvial Beach

Bugarra Fluvial Beach

This natural river beach located in Bugarra provides a picturesque setting for swimming and sunbathing. The turquoise waters of the pool are surrounded by lush vegetation, making it an ideal location for a peaceful day out in nature.

The surrounding landscape is rich with Mediterranean vegetation, offering a cool, shaded retreat from the Spanish sun. The river banks, dotted with tall trees and blooming plants, provide ample space for picnics and relaxation, making it an ideal spot for families and nature lovers alike. Read more about Bugarra Fluvial Beach

3. Charcos de Quesa

Charcos de Quesa

Charcos de Quesa is a series of stunning natural pools carved into the rocks by the water’s relentless flow. The pools’ clear waters and beautiful waterfall make them a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

The surrounding verdant vegetation, filled with a variety of flora and fauna, further enhances the natural allure of the Charcos. The sight of the azure waters against the backdrop of greenery and the sound of water cascading down the rocks contribute to a serene, almost magical ambiance. Read more about Charcos de Quesa

4. El Gruñidor – Sot de Chera

El Gruñidor in Sot de Chera

Located in Sot de Chera, El Gruñidor is an awe-inspiring natural pool nestled within a mountainous landscape. A short walk through a forest trail leads you to these turquoise waters that invite you for a refreshing dip.

El Gruñidor, or “The Grumbler” as translated in English, earned its unique name from the distinctive sound of the water rushing through the rocks. The pool is situated in Sot de Chera, a quaint village known for its impressive landscapes and historical charm. Read more about El Grunidor in Sot de Chera

5. Parajes del Río Sellent

Parajes del Río Sellent

Parajes del Río Sellent offers multiple bathing areas in its clear and calm river, making it the perfect destination for families. The surrounding lush vegetation provides ample shade, adding to the serene environment.

Parajes del Río Sellent, loosely translating to ‘Places of the Sellent River,’ is located near the town of Cofrentes, in the province of Valencia. The Sellent River, a tributary of the Júcar River, has created a picturesque landscape of natural pools, rapids, and quiet river banks, providing a unique and captivating environment for visitors. Read more about Parajes del Rio Sellent

6. The Gorgo of Anna’s Ladder

Cascadas de Anna – Gorgo de la Escalera

Known as Gorgo de la Escalera, this natural pool is famous for its stunning 30-foot waterfall. Enclosed by a dramatic gorge, this pool is a must-visit for adventure seekers. The Gorgo of Anna’s Ladder, also known as the Gorgo de la Escalera, is located near the village of Anna, in the province of Valencia. Named after the 136 steps that descend into the ravine, this enchanting destination offers a refreshing escape from the Spanish heat and the hustle and bustle of city life. Read more about The Gorgo of Anna`s Ladder

7. La Saraella de Vallada

La Saraella de Vallada

Vallada’s natural pool is a favorite among locals. Surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees and rocky landscapes, it provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing afternoon. Located near the historic town of Vallada, the natural pool is a beautiful testament to the region’s geographical richness. Nestled amidst verdant hills, the pool owes its existence to the Canyoles River that has, over centuries, carved out a peaceful basin in the landscape. This secluded gem offers visitors a unique space for relaxation, adventure, and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Read more about Vallada’s natural pool

8. Font Salada de Oliva

Font Salada de Oliva

Font Salada, also known as the “Salt Fountain,” is a unique thermal spring with mineral-rich waters. Its warm temperature makes it a perfect bathing spot even during cooler months. Font Salada, also known as ‘Ullal del Burro,’ is a thermal pool situated near the Mediterranean coast. Characterized by its warm, saltwater composition, the pool’s temperature remains around 23-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year, making it a delightful bathing spot even in winter months. Read more about Font Salada de Oliva

9. “La Playeta” in Pedralba

“La Playeta” in Pedralba

“La Playeta,” meaning “the little beach,” is a charming natural pool in Pedralba. Its shallow waters and sandy banks make it ideal for families with children.

La Playeta is a picturesque natural pool situated near the village of Pedralba, a short drive from the city of Valencia. Tucked away amidst lush vegetation, the pool is fed by the crystal-clear waters of the Turia River, one of the longest rivers in Spain.

The name La Playeta reflects the sandy areas surrounding the pool, providing a unique beach-like feel in the heart of the countryside. The clear, shallow waters make this pool a perfect spot for families with children or for those seeking a leisurely, relaxing experience. Read more about La Playeta in Pedralba

10. La Fuente de los Baños – Montanejos

La Fuente de los Baños in Montanejos

Renowned for its therapeutic waters, La Fuente de los Baños in Montanejos is a natural hot spring. The waters maintain a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, making it a delightful swimming spot all year round.

One of the primary draws of La Fuente de los Baños is the therapeutic benefits of its waters. Rich in minerals, the waters are believed to have healing properties that can alleviate skin conditions and aid relaxation. The warmth of the water coupled with the serene natural setting creates a natural spa-like environment that visitors can enjoy. Read more about Read more about La Fuente de los Baños in Montanejos

11. Hervideros Springs

Hervideros Springs

Hervideros Springs, named after its bubbling waters, offer a unique bathing experience. These warm springs are a haven for relaxation, with their therapeutic properties being a draw for visitors.

The Hervideros Springs are located near the town of Cofrentes, where the waters of the Jucar River meet the volcanic landscape. The term ‘Hervideros’ translates to ‘boiling pots,’ derived from the visual illusion created as water is forced up through the subterranean passages in the rock, resembling a bubbling or boiling effect. This phenomenon gives the springs their distinctive appeal and an air of mystery. Read more about Hervideros Springs

12. Pou Clar in Ontinyent

Pou Clar in Ontinyent

Pou Clar is a collection of stunning clear pools in Ontinyent. Translating to “Clear Well,” the pools live up to their name with transparent, refreshing waters.

Visitors to Pou Clar are immediately drawn to the pools’ clear waters, which offer a refreshing respite, especially during the hot summer months. Each pool at Pou Clar has a unique character, varying in depth and size, making it a fascinating place to explore.

Surrounding the pools are smooth rock formations, ideal for sunbathing or picnicking. The larger rocks also serve as natural diving platforms for those looking for a more adrenaline-fueled experience. The cascading waterfalls between the pools add to the beauty and allure of Pou Clar.

Beyond swimming and relaxation, the area offers trails for hiking, where visitors can explore the local flora and fauna, and admire the beautiful landscapes of the Valencia province. Read more about Pou Clar in Ontiny

Exploring Valencia’s natural pools lets you experience the region’s unparalleled beauty, providing the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just a traveler looking for a unique experience.