Hervideros Springs in Valencia

Tucked away in the province of Valencia lies a natural spectacle that continues to captivate visitors with its unique blend of geological phenomena and serene beauty. Known as the Hervideros Springs, this collection of underwater caves and pools presents a fascinating destination for those eager to uncover the more unusual facets of Valencia’s natural charm.

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Unveiling the Hervideros Springs

The Hervideros Springs are located near the town of Cofrentes, where the waters of the Jucar River meet the volcanic landscape. The term ‘Hervideros’ translates to ‘boiling pots,’ derived from the visual illusion created as water is forced up through the subterranean passages in the rock, resembling a bubbling or boiling effect. This phenomenon gives the springs their distinctive appeal and an air of mystery.

Hervideros Springs

The Allure of the Hervideros Springs

One of the main attractions of the Hervideros Springs is the opportunity to witness the impressive display of water seemingly boiling as it surges from the underground caves. This unusual spectacle, combined with the calming sound of rushing water, creates a mesmerizing and unique natural experience.

Aside from the springs themselves, the surrounding area is also noteworthy. The Hervideros Springs are situated amidst lush landscapes, offering a scenic backdrop of greenery and striking rock formations. The nearby Jucar River, with its clean, flowing waters, adds to the picturesque setting.

For those keen on exploring, the area offers several hiking trails that venture into the surrounding forests and provide a closer look at the region’s diverse flora and fauna.

Reaching the Hervideros Springs

The springs are a short drive away from the town of Cofrentes. The journey to the Hervideros Springs presents an adventure in itself, with roads that wind through captivating landscapes, providing glimpses of traditional Spanish life and the area’s natural beauty.

Preserving the Natural Environment

As with all natural attractions, it is essential to ensure that the unique beauty and integrity of the Hervideros Springs are preserved for future generations. Visitors are encouraged to respect the environment by maintaining cleanliness, keeping noise levels low, and leaving the wildlife undisturbed.

How to get to Hervideros Springs from Javea

Javea, a charming coastal town on Spain’s Costa Blanca, is a popular destination for its beautiful beaches and historic charm. While Javea has many attractions, a day trip to Hervideros Springs can offer an exciting diversion. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reach Hervideros Springs from Javea:

Step 1: Starting from Javea

Begin your journey heading west out of Javea on the CV-734 road. Continue until you reach the town of Gata de Gorgos.

Step 2: Gata de Gorgos to Ondara

In Gata de Gorgos, get onto the AP-7 highway heading north. Continue on the AP-7 until you reach the town of Ondara.

Step 3: Ondara to Cofrentes

From Ondara, continue heading west on the AP-7. You will pass through the towns of Oliva and Gandia. Near Simat de la Valldigna, take exit 60 onto the CV-50 heading west. The CV-50 will turn into the CV-575. Follow this road until you reach the town of Xativa, then take the CV-580 to Anna.

From Anna, continue on the CV-580 to the town of Jalance. From Jalance, take the CV-439 west to Cofrentes.

Step 4: Cofrentes to Hervideros Springs

Once in Cofrentes, look for signs to Hervideros Springs. It is just a few kilometers away from the town center, and the route is well-marked.

The drive from Javea to Hervideros Springs should take approximately 2.5 hours, depending on traffic. This scenic route offers beautiful views of the countryside and an opportunity to pass through several charming Spanish towns. Be sure to use a GPS or mapping service for precise directions, and enjoy your journey to the marvelous Hervideros Springs!


The Hervideros Springs offer a unique and exciting experience for any nature lover. The boiling effect of the springs, coupled with the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes, make this a must-visit destination when in Valencia. Whether you’re intrigued by the unusual geological phenomenon or are eager to explore the region’s natural beauty, the Hervideros Springs promise an unforgettable encounter with the captivating side of nature.