Caves of Canelobre

Located in the small town of Busot, just a short drive from the popular coastal destinations of Alicante and Javea, the Caves of Canelobre are one of Spain’s most impressive natural attractions. This awe-inspiring subterranean wonderland boasts a fascinating history and showcases some of the country’s most striking stalactite and stalagmite formations. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting world of the Caves of Canelobre and share insights on how to make the most of your visit to this unique geological marvel.

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A Brief History of the Caves of Canelobre

The Caves of Canelobre were discovered in the 740s during the Arab occupation of Spain. The caves served various purposes over the centuries, including as a refuge for locals during the Spanish Civil War and as a gypsum and potassium nitrate extraction site. In 1961, the caves were officially opened to the public, allowing visitors to experience their majestic beauty firsthand.

Exploring the Caves’ Remarkable Formations

The Caves of Canelobre boast a vast array of captivating stalactite and stalagmite formations, some of which have taken millions of years to develop. The caves’ most iconic feature is the Canelobre, or “candlestick,” a massive stalagmite that rises more than 20 meters from the cave floor. The cave system is also home to intricate formations with evocative names such as the Medusa, the Jellyfish, and the Cactus.

Guided Tours and Illuminations

To ensure the preservation of the delicate cave environment, visitors are required to join a guided tour to explore the Caves of Canelobre. Knowledgeable guides lead groups through the caves, providing valuable insights into the geological processes that have shaped the caverns and sharing stories from the caves’ rich history. The caves are illuminated with a dramatic lighting system, designed to accentuate the stunning beauty of the rock formations while minimizing environmental impact.

Tips for Visiting the Caves of Canelobre

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes: The caves maintain a constant temperature of approximately 18°C (64°F) throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers. Comfortable, non-slip shoes are recommended, as the cave floors can be damp and uneven.
  • Photography: Taking photos is allowed within the caves, but tripods and flash photography are prohibited. Be prepared to capture images using available light and be respectful of other visitors while taking photos.
  • Accessibility: The Caves of Canelobre are not fully wheelchair accessible due to the natural terrain and some steep inclines. Visitors with mobility concerns should be aware of these challenges before planning a visit.
  • Plan ahead: During peak tourist season, the Caves of Canelobre can be quite busy. It’s a good idea to arrive early or visit during weekdays to avoid large crowds and ensure you can join a guided tour at your preferred time.

How to get to Caves of Canelobre in Busot from Javea

  1. By car: The most convenient way to get to the Caves of Canelobre from Javea is by car. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, covering a distance of around 82 km.
  • Begin your journey by heading southwest from Javea on the CV-740.
  • Merge onto the AP-7 motorway towards Alicante for approximately 47 km.
  • Take exit 67 for Busot/Campello onto the CV-775.
  • Continue on the CV-775 for about 8 km, then turn right onto the CV-777.
  • Follow the CV-777 for 5 km, then turn left onto CV-776.
  • Drive for another 5 km, and you’ll arrive at the entrance to the Caves of Canelobre in Busot.
  1. By public transportation: Public transportation is also available, although it requires more time and several transfers.
  • From Javea, take the ALSA bus towards Alicante. The journey lasts approximately 2 hours, and the buses run regularly throughout the day.
  • Disembark at the Alicante bus station, and then take the TRAM Metropolitano de Alicante, Line L3, towards El Campello.
  • Alight at El Campello station and transfer to the local bus service (Busot Line 22), which will take you to the town of Busot.
  • From the Busot town center, the Caves of Canelobre are located approximately 3 km away. You can either walk, take a taxi, or check if there is a local shuttle service available.

Remember to check the latest schedules and fares for public transportation before your trip, as they are subject to change. Also, make sure to check the opening hours of the Caves of Canelobre, as they may vary depending on the season.


The Caves of Canelobre offer a truly enchanting experience for visitors to Spain’s Costa Blanca. With their awe-inspiring formations and fascinating history, these caverns provide a captivating journey into the depths of the Earth. Whether you’re a seasoned spelunker or simply curious about the wonders that lie beneath our feet, a visit to the Caves of Canelobre is sure to leave a lasting impression.