Rules on naked beaches in Spain

In Spain, public nudity is not illegal unless it involves lewd acts or intentions. However, local regulations can vary, and it’s essential to be aware of these. Generally, on designated nudist beaches, you’re free to go without clothes, but on non-designated beaches, it may be best to err on Spain, with its diverse landscapes and a sun-soaked coastline, is a sought-after destination for naturists.

The country’s liberal approach towards nudity allows locals and tourists alike to enjoy Spain’s beautiful beaches as nature intended. However, as with any public setting, certain rules of etiquette apply to ensure everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. Here, we delve into the key rules to keep in mind when visiting nudist beaches in Spain.

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1. Know Where to Go

Firstly, while public nudity is generally accepted in Spain, it’s advisable to stick to designated nudist beaches. These beaches are designed to cater to naturists and are often located in secluded spots to provide more privacy. Regular beachgoers at these sites are comfortable with nudity, which helps maintain a relaxed and accepting environment.

2. Respect Personal Space

Like any beach, respecting personal space is crucial. This is particularly important on a nudist beach, where individuals may feel more exposed. Avoid crowding other beachgoers and maintain a reasonable distance from others when setting up your spot.

3. No Staring or Unwanted Photography

Gawking is a major faux pas on nudist beaches. Naturists visit these beaches to relax and enjoy the natural environment, not to be objectified or made to feel uncomfortable. Similarly, taking photographs without explicit consent is not only rude but can also be illegal.

4. Nudity is Not an Invitation

It’s important to remember that nudity on these beaches is non-sexual. Being nude is not an invitation for unwanted advances or lewd comments. Respectful behavior is essential to maintaining the open and relaxed atmosphere these beaches are known for.

5. Cover Up When Necessary

While nudity is the norm on these beaches, there are times when it’s appropriate to cover up. If you’re leaving the designated nudist area or if local regulations require it, make sure to have something handy to cover up with.

6. Keep it Clean

Keeping the beach clean is another important rule. Like any beach, leave no trace—pick up your trash, respect the natural environmenthe side of caution.

7. Family-Friendly

Nudist beaches in Spain are family-friendly. Children are often present, and their presence contributes to the normalizing of the human body in all its forms. Nudity is seen as natural and not sexualized.


Spain’s nudist beaches offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature and celebrate body positivity. Understanding and adhering to the etiquette of these beaches ensures an enjoyable and respectful experience for all. Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or trying it for the first time, the most important rule is to respect others and embrace the liberating experience that these beaches offer.