How to find a good local real estate agent in Javea

To make the best buying or selling decision on property in Javea, you’ll need the best real estate agent. 

Find a bad real estate agent and you could be paying far more commission than normal when buying property in Javea. When selling property, a bad real estate agent could leave you waiting weeks, months and even years more than necessary.

But how do you separate the good agents from the bad? 

Our questions below will help you find the best local real estate agent in Javea.

Local or foreign real estate agent?

In Javea – as in most expat or tourist destinations in Spain – you’ll find a mix of local and foreign real estate agencies.

Finding the best real estate agent for you will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Knowledge – Many local real estate agencies in Javea have intimate knowledge of the area, the housing market and the laws governing land use or taxes. A number of these are family-run businesses, and are well connected in Javea. A foreign real estate agency may have agents inexperienced with the Javea area – which is a disadvantage. Then again, if you’re looking to buy or sell in areas popular with expats, a foreign real estate agent could be your best bet.
  • Language – Local real estate agents will be native Spanish and Valenciano speaking. Not all speak English, which can be a barrier. Likewise, foreign real estate agents will speak English or cater to the Dutch, French, German, Scandinavian and other communities in Javea – but not all will speak Spanish. A bilingual real estate agent is a plus that can help you access more of the market or a wider range of buyers. 
  • Accreditation – The real estate market in Javea is unregulated. However, local real estate agencies are more likely to be accredited by the Professional Association of Real Estate Managers in Building Promotion (GIPE) or be an official Real Estate Property Agent (API). While these can be a stamp of approval assuring that your Javea real estate agent is trained and has professional indemnity cover, but they don’t guarantee the estate agent will be the best for you.

Work with one or more real estate agents?

This is a more pressing question if you’re selling property in Javea.

Across Spain, it’s common for real estate agents to charge 3-5% commission of a property’s sale price. This can go up to 7% or even 10% in a popular town like Javea. (In certain popular parts of Spain, commissions can go up to 35%.) However, a real estate agent will charge less commission if you choose to exclusively list your property with them. There’s also more motivation for them to conduct viewings and close the sale of your property.

If you’ve selected the best real estate agent for you, this could be the best choice.

Buyers may end up contacting a range of different real estate agents in Javea as they search for a property online. But there’s a case for finding a real estate agent you trust and writing them a brief to find you a property. 

A well connected real estate agent will likely have access to a multiple listing service, meaning you don’t lose out despite choosing to buy a property through just one agent.

At the same time, working with two real estate agents or more can give you access to more information, and more of the market. If you choose a single real estate agent, there’s more potential to be a captive client and at risk of being pressured into a bad deal.

How to figure out if a Javea estate agent is good or not?

The best Javea estate agent for you will be one experienced with the area you want to buy in, or the kind of customers who are likely to buy your property.

Then again, there are ways to get an objective answer.

Google reviews are a good place to start. You can also check local Facebook groups for any comments or recommendations. Read the real estate agencies’ website, especially the About page, and get a feel for their professionalism and expertise. 

Talk to people who live in the area about their experience with specific real estate agencies. 

Finally, when choosing the best real estate agent for you, you should talk to the agents themselves. Ask questions about the local property market, the taxes and costs, the agencies’ track record, how long it takes them to sell, how much commission they charge, what languages they speak, how long they’ve been in business, and how long the agent themself has been living or working in Javea. 

When talking to the agents, consider the effort to understand your needs and requirements. Consider how quickly they respond to enquiries. Consider their professionalism. Consider whether they ask about your budget and provide rational advice or try to provide unrealistic expectations. 

What should a real estate agent provide for each property? 

It’s common for buyers and sellers to use a lawyer as well as a real estate agent.

But a good real estate agent should have a file with documentation on a property. This should at least include the nota simple which records the name of the seller and any possible charges on the property (mortgage or embargo). They should also be able to tell you about the costs of utilities and any community charges (especially for a property in an urbanisation). 

If the property is new build, they should be able to provide documentation on plans, specifications, copies of example contracts and a copy of the building licence.

Red flags for real estate agents in Javea 

There are behaviours which could be a red flag, signalling an inexperienced or cowboy real estate agent.

This can include:

  • Pressuring you or intimidating you into buying or selling
  • Giving unrealistic expectations of rental income potential, or sale prices far higher than what other real estate agents provided
  • They’ve only just arrived in Javea, or have absolutely no knowledge about the property market