Portitxol Beach Javea

Located on Spain’s Costa Blanca, Javea is a beautiful town renowned for its stunning coastline, mountainous backdrop, and captivating coves. While the natural beauty is undeniably a key attraction, another noteworthy aspect of Javea is its well-structured and accessible transportation system. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, understanding how to get around Javea will enhance your experience of this charming Spanish town. This guide will take you through the essentials of public transportation and more in Javea.

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The Javea Bus Station

Javea’s bus system is an effective and cost-efficient way to navigate the town and the surrounding areas. Managed by the Autocares Denibus SL, the bus service runs between the Arenal (beach area), the Port, and the Old Town, ensuring that the main attractions are easily accessible. The bus service is reliable and punctual, with regular services throughout the day. Read more about Javea bus station


Taxis in Javea

For a more personalized and direct mode of transportation, taxis in Javea are readily available. They provide convenience and flexibility, especially if you plan to travel outside the standard bus operating hours or want to visit locations not covered by the bus route. The town has several taxi companies, and it’s often possible to hail a cab on the street, especially in busy areas like the Arenal or the Port.


Bike rental in Javea

Javea’s picturesque landscape lends itself beautifully to exploration on two wheels. The town offers several bike rental services with options ranging from mountain bikes to electric bikes. Cycling not only provides an eco-friendly way to get around but also allows you to enjoy the splendid vistas at your own pace.

Car Rental

Blanca Cars Javea

Renting a car in Javea offers the greatest freedom and flexibility, particularly for those who wish to explore the broader Costa Blanca region. Numerous car rental services are available, providing a range of vehicles to suit various needs and budgets. Do remember, though, that parking can be challenging, particularly during the peak summer season.

Rent a Scooter in Javea

Rent a Scooter in Javea

 With a fantastic climate and a good road network, Javea can offer motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts a wide range of itineraries to idyllic places throughout Javea. It is possible to rent various types of motorcycles.

A scooter gives you freedom, and you can get there quickly, experience more, and enjoy the nature around you. Forget all the hassle of finding parking, long queues, hot flashes, and rather enjoy your holiday in Javea to the fullest with a motorbike.


Don’t underestimate the joy of exploring Javea on foot! The town’s compact size makes it a walker’s delight. Strolling around the Arenal, the Port area, or the charming streets of the Old Town can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle.

Javea Tourist Train

Javea Tourist Train

The Javea tourist train is an awesome way to explore the three main centers of Javea. Taking approximately 1 hour 15, starting at the Javea Port, the tourist train takes you on a trip through and around the Javea Old Town, then back down the coast, all the way to the Arenal Beach and finally returning to the Port.

It’s no Bullet Train, but instead a slow and steady expedition of this beautiful town! Using the same ticket, you may exit the train at any of the 8 stops along the 8km route, and rejoin the train once it has completed a circuit and has come back around, giving you ample time to explore each of the different main centers of Javea.


If you fancy a trip out to the gorgeous island of Ibiza or the neighboring coastal towns, consider taking a ferry. While not a regular form of public transport for getting around Javea, ferry services are available from the nearby town of Denia, providing a unique and enjoyable way to explore the wider region.

In conclusion, whether you choose the ease of public transportation, the freedom of a rental car, or the eco-friendly charm of a bicycle, there are numerous ways to explore and enjoy Javea. By choosing the right mode of transportation to suit your itinerary and preferences, you can ensure that your time in this beautiful Spanish town is well-spent and memorable.