The DinoPark Algar

Tucked away in the verdant Algar region of Spain’s Costa Blanca, you will discover a world that seems to be from a completely different era – the awe-inspiring Dino Park Algar. As the name suggests, Dino Park Algar is a unique, dinosaur-themed park, offering an exciting journey back in time to when colossal creatures roamed the Earth. With its life-sized dinosaur models, interactive exhibits, and a backdrop of lush botanical gardens, Dino Park Algar is a must-visit destination for both young and old.

Housing over 30 full-scale, meticulously crafted dinosaur replicas, Dino Park Algar offers an unmatched immersive prehistoric experience. As you venture through the park, you’ll come face-to-face with a towering T-Rex, encounter a long-necked Diplodocus, and meet a herd of Triceratops. These replicas are scientifically accurate, creating an engaging educational experience, making learning about these prehistoric beasts exciting and accessible.

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Action packed documentary in the 3D cinema

One of the most impressive features of the park is the 3D cinema, where visitors can don special glasses and enjoy a short, action-packed documentary. The film, filled with vibrant animations and scientific facts, offers a fascinating look into the life of the dinosaurs, transporting viewers millions of years back in time.

In addition to its dinosaur-centric offerings, Dino Park Algar is set within a stunning botanical garden, known for its diverse flora and fauna. The garden hosts a range of native and exotic plant species, and it’s a treat for nature lovers and photographers alike. The combination of the botanical gardens with the prehistoric installations makes for a uniquely picturesque setting, as the garden seems to morph into a primeval jungle.

DinoPark Algar

Playground for the kids

For younger visitors, the park’s playground offers a chance to burn off some energy while allowing their imagination to run wild in the prehistoric-themed play area. Meanwhile, parents can take a breather at the park’s restaurant and cafe, where they can enjoy a meal or a quick snack amid the park’s beautiful natural setting.

The park’s educational mission is evident in its well-designed and informative exhibits. Each dinosaur display features information about the creature’s era, habitat, diet, and other intriguing facts. This is not just a place for amusement but also a venue for learning and discovery.

Finally, the park regularly hosts guided tours and educational workshops, especially during the holiday seasons. These activities provide deeper insights into the world of dinosaurs and paleontology, making Dino Park Algar an excellent choice for school trips and educational outings.

How to get to Dino Park Algar from Javea

Getting to Dino Park Algar from Javea is quite simple and offers a pleasant journey through the beautiful Costa Blanca scenery. Here are the directions for both car travel and public transportation:

By Car:

  1. Begin on Avinguda del Pla in Javea, and take the CV-734.
  2. Follow the CV-734 towards the N-332.
  3. Merge onto the N-332 and continue for about 18 km.
  4. Take a slight right to stay on the N-332.
  5. After approximately 1.5 km, turn right onto the CV-755.
  6. Stay on the CV-755 for around 4 km until you reach a roundabout.
  7. Take the 1st exit from the roundabout onto CV-715.
  8. Continue on CV-715 for about 8 km, and you will see signs for Dino Park Algar. Follow the signs to reach your destination.

This journey with car or taxi should take about an hour, depending on traffic.

By Public Transportation:

Public transport between Javea and Algar is somewhat limited, and the journey may be lengthy, so the car is often the best choice. However, if you still want to use public transportation, here is how you can do it:

  1. From the bus station in Javea, take the ALSA bus to Benidorm.
  2. At Benidorm, switch to the Llorente Bus line 18 towards Callosa d’en Sarrià.
  3. Get off at the ‘Callosa d’en Sarrià’ stop.
  4. From there, you can take a taxi to Dino Park Algar, which is about 3 km away.

Please check the ALSA and Llorente Bus websites for the most current timetables, as schedules may vary.

Remember, the journey is part of the adventure, so enjoy the stunning Mediterranean landscapes along the way. The Costa Blanca is known for its beautiful views and charming towns, making the trip to Dino Park Algar a delightful experience in itself.

In conclusion, Dino Park Algar is more than just a theme park; it’s a journey through time, a burst of scientific knowledge, and a thrilling exploration of the prehistoric world. Whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast, a budding paleontologist, or someone looking for a unique day out, Dino Park Algar has something to captivate your imagination. So, strap on your explorer’s hat and get ready to step into the world of the magnificent giants that once ruled our planet.