Waldorf El Montgó International School

Waldorf El Montgó International School: An Oasis of Holistic Education in Javea

In the world of education, a few philosophies stand out not just for their longevity, but for their profound impact on child development. The Waldorf approach, founded by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century, is one such beacon. At the heart of Javea’s educational landscape, Waldorf El Montgó International School embodies this philosophy, offering students a unique, enriching, and comprehensive learning experience. Dive into the world of Waldorf El Montgó and explore what makes it an educational haven.

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1. Waldorf Education: A Brief Overview

The Waldorf philosophy emphasizes the holistic development of a child – intellectual, artistic, and practical. It believes in nurturing not just the mind, but also the heart and hands. Waldorf schools, therefore, incorporate arts, crafts, music, and movement into their curriculum, providing a balanced and comprehensive educational experience.

Waldorf El Montgó International School

2. Waldorf El Montgó: Rooted in Values, Global in Approach

Located amidst the serene backdrop of Javea, Waldorf El Montgó International School is a melting pot of cultures. While deeply rooted in the Waldorf philosophy:

  • Diverse Student Body: Catering to both local and international communities, the school is a testament to global unity.
  • Multilingual Education: Recognizing the power of languages, lessons are conducted in Spanish, Valencian, and English, preparing students for a globalized world.

3. Beyond Textbooks: A Rich Tapestry of Learning

Waldorf El Montgó’s curriculum is a harmonious blend:

  • Arts and Crafts: From painting to woodworking, students engage in activities that foster creativity and hone practical skills.
  • Music and Movement: Recognizing the power of rhythm, dance and music are integrated into the daily curriculum.
  • Outdoor Learning: Capitalizing on Javea’s natural beauty, outdoor excursions, gardening, and nature studies form an essential part of the learning experience.

4. Expert Faculty: Guiding Lights

The soul of any educational institution is its faculty, and Waldorf El Montgó is no exception:

  • Trained in Waldorf Methods: The educators are not just experts in their subjects, but are also trained in the unique Waldorf pedagogical methods.
  • Focus on Individual Growth: Teachers at Waldorf El Montgó recognize and respect individual differences, offering personalized guidance.

5. Facilities: Where Nature Meets Nurture

The school’s infrastructure is thoughtfully designed:

  • Natural Classrooms: Rooms are often illuminated with natural light, furnished with organic materials, reflecting the Waldorf emphasis on staying close to nature.
  • Art Studios and Workshops: Dedicated spaces for arts, crafts, and other hands-on activities encourage students to explore and create.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Gardens, play areas, and natural nooks offer students opportunities to connect with nature.

6. Community Engagement: Building Bonds

Waldorf El Montgó believes in the power of community:

  • Festivals and Celebrations: The school calendar is dotted with events that celebrate both local traditions and global cultures.
  • Parental Involvement: Parents are viewed as partners in the educational journey, actively participating in school events, workshops, and decision-making processes.


Waldorf El Montgó International School, with its commitment to holistic education, offers an alternative to the often rigid and standardized educational systems. In its embrace, students flourish not just academically, but also emotionally, artistically, and socially. In the heart of Javea, it stands as a sanctuary where education truly touches the soul.