Umbracle Valencias Oasis in the City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences is renowned for its striking, futuristic architecture and world-class cultural attractions. Amidst this modern marvel, the Umbracle offers visitors a serene and scenic green space where they can relax and soak up the natural beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. This unique, open-air structure serves as both a garden and an architectural promenade, showcasing a diverse array of plant species and breathtaking views of the surrounding complex. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of the Umbracle and share insights on how to make the most of your visit to this enchanting garden oasis.

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The Vision Behind the Umbracle

Designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, the Umbracle is a remarkable combination of architecture and nature. Its innovative structure consists of a series of towering, white arches that support a trellis canopy, providing shade and a sense of seclusion for visitors. Underneath this canopy, a lush Mediterranean garden flourishes, creating a beautiful and tranquil environment amidst the bustling city.

The Umbracle’s Vibrant Mediterranean Garden

The Umbracle’s garden is home to a diverse collection of Mediterranean plant species, including palms, olive trees, bougainvillea, and fragrant rosemary. The garden’s design is carefully crafted to reflect the beauty and tranquility of the Mediterranean landscape, providing visitors with a peaceful retreat where they can unwind and enjoy nature. The garden also features contemporary sculptures and art installations, adding a touch of creative flair to the lush surroundings.

Enjoying the Umbracle’s Scenic Promenade

The Umbracle’s elevated promenade offers visitors a unique vantage point from which to appreciate the City of Arts and Sciences’ stunning architecture. With sweeping views of the complex and its iconic buildings, the promenade is a popular spot for photography enthusiasts and sightseers alike. The Umbracle’s location also makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the City of Arts and Sciences, as it provides easy access to the other attractions within the complex.

Tips for Visiting the Umbracle

  • Plan your visit: The Umbracle is open to the public free of charge, making it an ideal destination for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing break during your visit to the City of Arts and Sciences.
  • Photography: The Umbracle offers a unique perspective on the City of Arts and Sciences, so be sure to bring your camera to capture the beautiful views and lush garden landscapes.
  • Accessibility: The Umbracle is fully wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators available for visitors with mobility concerns.
  • Visit during different seasons: The Umbracle’s garden showcases a variety of plant species that bloom and change throughout the year. Visiting during different seasons will provide a unique and ever-changing experience of the garden’s beauty.

How to get to Umbracle in Valencia’s City from Javea

Umbracle is a popular destination in the city of Valencia, approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) to the north of Javea. The journey can be completed by car, bus, or a combination of public transportation options.

By car:

  1. Start by heading northwest on Avinguda de la Llibertat toward Calle de la Grava.
  2. Continue straight onto Avinguda del Pla/CV-734 for about 1.6 km (1 mile).
  3. Turn right onto Carretera de la Nao/CV-740 and follow it for 3.2 km (2 miles).
  4. Take the ramp onto the AP-7 highway, heading toward Valencia, and drive for approximately 83 km (52 miles).
  5. Take exit 500 from the AP-7 toward Avinguda de França.
  6. Keep left at the fork, following signs for Avinguda de França, and merge onto Carrer dels Jocs dels Escacs.
  7. Continue straight onto Avinguda de França for about 1.8 km (1.1 miles).
  8. At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Avinguda de l’Enginyer Manuel Soto.
  9. Continue straight for 1.6 km (1 mile) before turning left onto Avinguda del Professor López Piñero.
  10. The City of Arts and Sciences, including Ágora, will be on your right after 500 meters (0.3 miles).

Parking is available in the vicinity of the City of Arts and Sciences.

By bus and public transportation:

  1. From Javea, take the ALSA bus to the Estació d’Autobusos in Valencia. The bus journey typically takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the route and traffic.
  2. From the Estació d’Autobusos, walk to the Túria metro station, which is about a 5-minute walk away.
  3. Take Line 1 (direction Torrent Avinguda or Villanueva de Castellón) and travel 2 stops to the Àngel Guimerà station.
  4. At Àngel Guimerà, transfer to Line 5 (direction Marítim-Serrería) and travel 4 stops to the Alameda station.
  5. From Alameda station, it’s a 15-minute walk to Ágora in the City of Arts and Sciences. Walk along the Turia Gardens, following the signs to the complex.

Please note that schedules and routes may change, so it’s always best to double-check with local transportation providers before starting your journey.


The Umbracle offers visitors to Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences a serene and picturesque oasis where they can connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape. With its lush garden, captivating art installations, and breathtaking views of the surrounding complex, the Umbracle is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a tranquil retreat within the city. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful escape, the Umbracle is sure to leave a lasting impression.