Teatro Principal

Located in the heart of Alicante, Spain, the Teatro Principal de Alicante, or Alicante’s Main Theatre, stands as a symbol of the city’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to the performing arts. This historic and architecturally stunning venue hosts a diverse range of performances, from classical theater and opera to contemporary dance and music. In this article, we delve into the history, architecture, and experiences that make Teatro Principal de Alicante a must-visit destination for theater enthusiasts and visitors seeking a taste of the city’s vibrant arts scene.

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Teatro Principal de Alicante was inaugurated in 1847, making it one of the oldest and most prestigious theaters in Spain. Designed by architect Emilio Jover, the theater was built to serve as a cultural hub for the city and to showcase the very best in Spanish and international performing arts. Over the years, the theater has undergone several renovations and restorations, but its commitment to the promotion and celebration of the arts has remained unwavering. Today, the theater continues to serve as a vital institution in Alicante’s cultural landscape, hosting a diverse array of performances that cater to a wide range of tastes and interests.

Teatro Principal de Alicante


The architecture of Teatro Principal de Alicante is a testament to the city’s rich artistic heritage and the elegance of 19th-century design. The theater’s neoclassical facade, adorned with Corinthian columns and ornate decorations, is a striking feature of Alicante’s urban landscape. Inside, the theater boasts a sumptuous horseshoe-shaped auditorium, embellished with gold leaf, plush red velvet, and intricate frescoes, creating a captivating and opulent setting for performances.

Performances and Events

Teatro Principal de Alicante offers a diverse program of performances throughout the year, catering to a wide range of artistic interests and preferences. Some of the events and performances hosted at the theater include:

  1. Classical Theatre: The theater is renowned for its productions of classic Spanish and international plays, often featuring some of the country’s most celebrated actors and directors.
  2. Opera and Ballet: Teatro Principal de Alicante hosts a variety of opera and ballet performances, showcasing the talents of renowned Spanish and international companies.
  3. Contemporary Dance and Music: The theater is also committed to promoting contemporary dance and music, featuring innovative productions and performances from both local and international artists.
  4. Children’s Performances: Teatro Principal de Alicante hosts a range of performances specifically designed for younger audiences, fostering a love and appreciation for the performing arts among the city’s youth.
  5. Festivals and Special Events: Throughout the year, the theater participates in various festivals and special events, such as the Alicante International Film Festival and the Alicante Jazz Festival, further enriching the city’s cultural calendar.

Visiting Teatro Principal de Alicante

The theater is easily accessible on foot or by public transportation from Alicante’s city center. Visitors are encouraged to check the theater’s program of events and book tickets in advance to secure seats for their preferred performances. The theater also offers guided tours, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the venue’s stunning architecture and learn about its storied history.

How to get to Teatro Principal de Alicante from Javea

General route from Javea to Teatro Principal de Alicante by car. Please note that exact conditions can vary, so it’s always a good idea to use a real-time GPS navigation system for the most accurate information.

  1. Start from Javea: Begin on Av de la Fontana heading southeast.
  2. Merge onto CV-734: Continue on Av de la Fontana. Take Carrer de la Toscamar and Avinguda dels Furs to CV-734.
  3. Get on AP-7 from CV-735 and N-332: Turn right onto CV-734. Continue on CV-735. Take Av de Ultramar and Camí Cabanes to N-332 in Gata de Gorgos. Follow N-332 and Camí Vell d’Altea to AP-7 in Benissa.
  4. Follow AP-7 to Av de Dénia in Alicante. Take exit 6-Alicante/Glorieta from A-70: Merge with AP-7. Keep right to stay on AP-7. Keep right at the Y junction to continue on Exit 67, follow signs for A-70/Alicante/Valencia and merge with A-70. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 6-Alicante/Glorieta toward Alicante/Glorieta/Av de Dénia.
  5. Drive to Plaza Ruperto Chapí: Continue on Av de Dénia. Drive to Plaza Ruperto Chapí. You will find Teatro Principal de Alicante here.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check the local traffic regulations and road conditions before you set off on your journey. This route should take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it can vary depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.


Teatro Principal de Alicante is a captivating and culturally significant destination that showcases the very best of Alicante’s vibrant arts scene. From its elegant architecture to its diverse and engaging program of events, the theater offers visitors an unforgettable experience that is both entertaining and enriching. Whether you are a theater aficionado or simply seeking a taste of Alicante’s cultural offerings, a visit to Teatro Principal de Alicante is sure to leave you inspired and enthralled.