Hotel Javea

Are you thinking about taking some time off and organizing a lovely trip to Javea on the Costa Blanca North in Spain? If so you will see that there will be many things that you have to take in consideration when doing so. The secret is to be strategic and think about each and every detail carefully. Here we give you 10 tips for you to choose the perfect hotel in Javea. Money saving tips that will help you get more for less.

Even when you know what you like, your idea of the perfect room could change depending on the purpose of your trip. If you’re working the entire time, having a spacious desk area may be a priority. If you’re on a romantic escape, a spa tub and a private balcony might be on your must-have list. Write down your preferences before starting the reservation process. Once you start making calls, write down the name of everyone you speak to, especially if they promise you something specific.

For some guests, size matters. The larger the accommodation, the better. Some people prefer accommodations on a high level of a building, while others think the best rooms in the house are on the first or second floor for easy and quick access,

Best tips to find the best hotel in Javea

Price isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a hotel in Javea. Cleanliness, proximity to your destination, reviews, age of the hotel, whether you want breakfast included or not, etc all factor in. No matter how often you’ve stayed in a hotel, these tips will help you get a cleaner, safer, more relaxing stay in your next one. Below we have listed our 10 best tips to fin the perfect hotel in Javea. No matter how often you’ve stayed in a hotel, these tips will help you get a cleaner, safer, more relaxing stay in your next one.

#1 Book your hotel in Javea in advance with a no prepayment

If book your Hotel in Javea in advance online there is a good chance that you will get it cheaper than if you reserve the room the same day. If you end up finding something cheaper, you have the option to cancel the previous reservation and book the cheapest one. Some hotels offer you the option to cancel your reservation on the same day of your arrival and don’t forget to carefully read about the hotels cancellation policies!

#2 Search for hotel promotional codes on the internet

Many hotels in Javea offer some space on their reservation page where you can include a promotional code which can help you to save some hard earned money. The best way to find promotional codes on the internet is to use Google search.

#3 Traveling is all about location

If you don’t know where your hotel is in relation to where you want to be in Javea, you aren’t going to be happy when you arrive. You probably shouldn’t trust the hotel’s own description of their location in Javea.

#4 Check guest reviews published within the last year

Read guest reviews on, Google, and other sites, interpreting the rating can be tricky. Some hotels in Javea were fantastic five years ago in terms of management, decor, and amenities, and therefore may have received an overwhelming number of positive reviews. But a lot can change over the years.

#5 Check the amenities

There are four amenities you should be sure a hotel offers before you arrive. They are air-conditioning, parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfastAnd, you should always check see if there are any costs associated with these amenities. You don’t want to arrive at the hotel assuming Wi-Fi would be free, only to find that it costs a fee.

#6 Check if there are any important events in Javea during your stay

Concerts, or fiestas such as The Three Kings, National Holiday or Oktoberfest in Javea are situations that can drastically increase the hotel prices. We recommend you to check the area you would like to visit if there are any events occurring so you can plan well your stay.

#7 Travel during low season

It could happen that you have no choice but to organize your trip to Javea during August, Easter or Christmas holidays. Of course during this time your journey becomes more expensive. If you have the power to choose, then don’t travel during this time. The difference of costs between traveling in October instead of July and August is huge.

#8 Be nice to the staff!

Always be nice to staff working the counter. It might even score you a free upgrade! Or at the very least, when your shower isn’t working the desk clerk might actually work w/ you instead of telling you that you are stuck with it. Be nice, show an interest and smile.

#9 Look for extra hidden cost

Sometimes the accommodation does not show all the prices as their “final cost.” The most common hidden charge is a tax (per night/ per stay). Also, you may need to pay extra for service, facilities such as towels, bed sheets, property service charges, etc. Therefore, you should check whether there is an extra cost, so the actual price will not add up than you expected.

#10 Don’t hesitate to ask questions

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the facilities, services, etc., don’t hesitate to email or call the property. Sometimes you can even add more services with discounts by negotiating with the hotel. Also, it is recommended to double-check with the property to make sure that your booking is correct.